About Kat + Maouche

We source authentic, unique vintage Berber rugs directly from the mountains and souks of Morocco. We source responsibly, working with locals to find outstanding pieces. A Berber-American family and company, we have spent years living in North Africa and are committed to the communities and cultures we work with. We are equally committed to furthering the understanding and appreciation of this particularly female, rural art.

And modern art it is—utilitarian in purpose but wildly expressive in execution. Abstract. Vivid. Organic. Honest. Personal. Sophisticated. Whimsical. Slow art knotted by hand. These rugs are specific. They tell something of a weaver, a place, and, collectively, of a people’s unique experience. But, as much as they carry the symbols and lush language of a culture, they resonate far beyond it. We collect and share these rugs because we love them and use them.

With a foot in both worlds, we travel through Morocco often and add rugs regularly. The rugs displayed online at any time represent some of our current inventory. If you are looking for something and cannot find it here, we may have it in our Portland store or our stock in Morocco. We enthusiastically encourage all inquiries.



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