BOR Double Crossed 8'1" by 6'2"

BOR Double Crossed 8'1" by 6'2"


Universal and specific. The cross appears often in Berber art and facial tattoos though it rarely dominates as it does here. It represents not four, but five, counting the directions as well as the center which is emphasized. Hamza, or five, like the fingers on the hand of Fatima, a sign of protection. Alternately, it is called birdsfeet, another protective symbol. Free form and large, repeating over the piece and dissolving into lines in places, the simplest of ancient marks turns modern, both instantly recognizable and somewhat abstract. It is not the rigid geometry of lines so much as inky strokes. In charcoal against cream in chunky wool for a looseness and informality. As if to insist, the warp turns in places to petal pink.


DIMENSIONS – 8’1" by 6’ 2” (some variation in width) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni Ourain, Middle Atlas


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