BOR Featherweight 8'6" by 6'

BOR Featherweight 8'6" by 6'


Loose in texture and in design. In undyed wool and a natural palette, it is informal, displaying the versatility of utilitarian objects. It could have been woven as a blanket or a rug and can be used as either. The traditional lozenge network is here, but the piece is so loosely knotted that the motif appears pixilated. Rows of high pile clear against the flatweave, they look like feathers. One end is more densely knotted than the other and it dissolves over the course of the piece. The light grey does as well, ending in several rows of brown tufts. Blanket texture and organic style. With short fringe on either end.


DIMENSIONS – 8'6" by 6’  (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni Ourain, Middle Atlas


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