Azilal Honeycomb in Cream 11'9" by 4'3"

Azilal Honeycomb in Cream 11'9" by 4'3"


Graphic and sophisticated.  It is an old piece with natural wool loosely woven in a beautiful deep cream and brown. The elegance, even glam, of the palette is enhanced by a bold motif in which the traditional lozenge network has shaken completely free. In places it dissolves into line, but the overall pattern holds, an organic form like honeycomb or giraffe print. All in silken wool finely spun with a hint of curl and the perfect patina. It is completely worn in, supple as a blanket.


DIMENSIONS – 11’9” by 4’3" (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Azilal, High Atlas

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