BMG Bullseye 11'4" by 7'8"

BMG Bullseye 11'4" by 7'8"


A striking sleeping rug. It is densely knotted and unusually wide with heft and weight for cold winters. Concentric diamonds grow from a large central medallion. The lozenge, that symbol of the feminine and protection from the evil eye, repeats and undulates and orders, radiating protection. While the symmetry is classical, the texture and palette are not. Once saturated deep blue and orange have faded to grey and peach and even the purple has mellowed with age. Only the verdant green tufts in acrylic remain strong and add something floral, almost rebellious. With a border that barely contains it.


DIMENSIONS – 11’4" by 7’8” (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni M’guild, Middle Atlas


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