BMG Classic 9'1" by 5'8"

BMG Classic 9'1" by 5'8"


An intricate, serious sleeping rug from the Middle Atlas mountains. Originally woven as bedding for a family, it shows the combination of skill and utility that characterizes domestic art. Densely woven in Berber knots, its pile has worn low but still thick, revealing a beautiful design. It is personal, with figures and protective symbols scattered like jewels. But the motif is dominated by lozenges, a traditional female symbol. Panels of large diamonds give way to a smaller network on one end and lozenge chains run along the borders. In wonderful red abrash with black, cream, the subtlest faded mint, and flashes of orange. Overall, it displays the symmetry and abstraction for which these pieces are known with a distinctly personal touch.


DIMENSIONS – 9’1" by 5’8” (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni M’guild, Middle Atlas


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