BMG Peacock's Pride 11' by 6'4"

BMG Peacock's Pride 11' by 6'4"


A feathered, preening beauty. A full lozenge network in swirling high-pile wool provides the sophistication of pattern and texture. And then the colors go wonderfully wild like plumage. Warm tones dominate thanks to an orange that reads golden. But nestled in each symbol is a stunning combination of jewel tones: green, blue, red, purples. Tradition underlies it all, from the ubiquitous lozenge, both female symbol and protective eye, to the Berber knots of hand-spun wool. Made as a blanket for mountain life, it is both practical and joyfully, unnecessarily beautiful. A celebration.


DIMENSIONS – 11’ by 6’4” (some variation in width) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni M’guild, Middle Atlas


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