Talsint Tiger, Tiger 12'3" by 7'

Talsint Tiger, Tiger 12'3" by 7'


Old and majestic with echoes of a Tibetan tiger rug in a distinctly Berber design. Creating pattern from repetition, it is more harmonious than it has the right to be. The colors could be jarring, panels of striped oranges and charcoal alternating with those in grapes and lime green. It gives a deceptive sense of symmetry, in fact off just so.  And at one end the stripes dissolve, dripping into abstract forms. And yet, in composition and in palette it holds together as a deeply elegant, rhythmic piece. It cascades, an already substantial rug elongated by its motif. It has become bolder with age as what once was high pile, wore to reveal the details of a graphic design. Now low pile, with substantial wear consistent with a very old piece that has lost none of its beauty or art.


DIMENSIONS –  12’3" by 7’ 

ORIGIN – Vintage Talsint, Eastern Atlas


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