BMG Touch of Gray 10'6" by 6'6"

BMG Touch of Gray 10'6" by 6'6"


A substantial Middle Atlas sleeping rug in unusually warm tones. Here the diamonds are dense, grand and small both, packed with lashes and nested within one another. They hold the full array of Berber symbols, knotted with intricate skill. As complex as it is, the symmetry and the use of black order the composition, highlighting its geometry. With reds and oranges and surprising grays , in fact faded purple, that add light. Abrash brings a subtle flickering glow. With old repairs that blend into the pile and tell of a long life. In full Berber knots.


DIMENSIONS – 10'6" by 6’6"  (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni M’guild, Middle Atlas


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