Azilal Ladders 9'10" by 5'5"

Azilal Ladders 9'10" by 5'5"


The modernist independence of a soft Azilal. The base is pile of the silky wool for which local sheep are known, loosely woven on rag ground. The combination of high pile and a loose weave lets the wool lie flat and catch light in subtly different ways. It shimmers a bit from one end and ruffles a bit from the other. It also lets the ground come through, shadows of primary color. Most of the motif is in neutrals of grey and brown, but if frills in green and true black acrylic knots in several spots. The symbols--ladders, branches, bab edges--are not rare, but the overall composition is, its scale, open space, and modern sensibility a literal shining example of the abstract visual language of the region.

MATERIAL – Wool and mixed fiber

DIMENSIONS – 9’10” by 5'5" (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Azilal, High Atlas

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