BOR Alaham Luxe 11'11" by 5'11"

BOR Alaham Luxe 11'11" by 5'11"


All the grandeur and elegance of a classic sleeping rug. From the finely spun wool to the high pile of Berber knots, it is clearly the work of a skilled hand.  And the elements that make it useful in a harsh mountain climate are those that make it beautiful as well. Woven for warmth, it has the luxurious feel of animal pelt, with a simplicity and geometric design for which Beni Alaham rugs are known. The field is undyed wool that, given its luster, can read golden or silver depending on the light. Against it, large heathered brown lozenges are shadowed by fainter faded orange ones that turn to pink at times. Echoed by one henna and one red stripe on the flatweave of one end and a braided fringe on the other.


DIMENSIONS – 11’11" by 5’11”  (measurement without fringe) 

ORIGIN – Vintage Beni Alaham, Middle Atlas


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